Friday, March 23, 2012

march favorites!

oh my gosh well i definitely FAILED at posting every week!  howeverrrrr i just got some new pieces recently that i had to share --
knot bow headwrap: $16.99 from urban outfitters

definitely got inspired to buy this from a british beauty\fashion guru i follow on youtube.. it's just so fresh for spring & will actually make me look like i spent time on my hair!  

freeway knit shorts: gigi bottega

this looks like a skirt, but it's actually a pair of shorts that i got from gigi bottega, a boutique near ISU.  i am in LOVE with them!  normally i never buy shorts, but i saw these & immediately knew what i'd pair them with - a tight white shirt & oxford shoes [which i still have to purchase!]  & since the outfit will be so neutral, i can go crazy with colorful accessories!

speaking of accessories, i finally received this in the mail today --
earlace: $18.00 from

it's an earlace!!! i first saw it in j. cole's video for "work out" 
i just thought it was so different & fun.. at first i wasn't sure if i'd be able to pull it off but i tried it on &, yes, yes i can!

all 3 of these pieces are completely unique & super easy to pull of!

xo, Allison Marie

Friday, January 13, 2012

a little color never hurt anybody!

quick post today.. saw this obnoxiously colorful clutch at charming charlie and HAD to have it.  not really sure where i'm gonna use it or when, but sometimes the best accessories are bought on impulse! 

one side..

the other side..

xo, Allison Marie

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

happy new year! [only 10 days late..]

happy new year!  i can't believe it's been over 2 months since i posted last.  i'm not really sure why, either.  i think it's because i really wasn't feeling inspired, but i am going to start up again!

i love hats, and never really thought i would!  but there's just something about a slouchy beanie or a fedora that just completes a look.  not to mention they can cover up a bad hair day in a flash.  at my internship they know me as "hat girl" since 9 times out of 10 i'm wearing a hat when i come in.. little do they know i'm just too lazy to do my hair [=  but here are some super cute examples of styles i love!
metallic thread beanie in rust: $5.80 from forever 21 
[PS this is a great neutral color!  it literally goes with anything.. teal, mustard, gray, black, emerald, you name it!]
open knit beret in taupe: $7.80 from forever 21
feathered houndstooth fedora: $12.80 from forever 21
[love the feather detailing on this one!  plus the houndstooth is totally retro]

xo, Allison Marie