Friday, September 30, 2011

time to tighten up!

one of the girls in my advanced textiles class had THE cutest outfit on the other day, and the thing i loved the most wasn't her actual outfit or purse.. it was her tights!  they were lacy and black and had a beautiful floral pattern.  luckily, i found and bought a very similar pair on --
i definitely need to invest in some more long tunic\sweater dresses to wear these with!  i love how they're kind of sexy without trying too hard.  and can't you just imagine how adorable these would be with a pair of flat booties!?

xo, Allison Marie

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

shawl-y darling!

whenever i am sick, all i want to do is cuddle up with some starbucks and a shawl\snuggie\something that is soft and warm.  such as this gorgeous pink vintage shawl -- 
this is blair eadie, and her blog is [which i now follow!]
normally i would zone in on her handbag, which is coach's willis bag, but that's not the first thing my eyes went to when i saw this picture; it was her fabulous pink shawl!  it's vintage, and i think it just brightens up her whole look.  bright colors are so unexpected in the fall, but when paired with more understated clothing and accessories a la blair, it just works.  add a simple messenger bag to bring the whole look together.  i am now on a mission to find one similar to hers.. when i do, i will be sure to blog about it!

xo, Allison Marie

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

louis vuitton lust

i can't believe it's been 4 days since i last posted, time really does fly!  but i have decided that every tuesday i will blog about something super high-end that i cannot afford [HA!].  like this louis vuitton clutch complete with a lock and key cuff -- 
i originally saw this on the emmy red carpet, and guiliana rancic was holding it.  having two vuittons myself, i immediately lusted after it.  i think i remember her saying that the retail price was over $2,000.. which is typical for one of these bags.  it's definitely not something you could carry around every day, but who cares?  it's just a beautiful piece of art.

xo, Allison Marie

Friday, September 23, 2011

teal-y excited about my new clutch!

super short post today.. just thought i'd share the new clutch i ordered from AKIRA -
the color is what really caught my attention.. i've never really seen a blue like this!  definitely going to wear this with a neutral outfit since it makes such a statement on it's own.  i can't wait to get it sometime next week!

xo, Allison Marie

Thursday, September 22, 2011

"red"-y or not..

everyone has regrets.. one of mine right now is not buying a pair of colored skinny jeans from AKIRA in chicago.  i saw these on the shelf, picked them up, and set them down again because i thought the following -- 1) i'm going to lose weight, so i'll only be able to wear them for a couple months and 2) red jeans!?  am i really going to wear these!?
the answer to the first question is debatable, because i've been telling myself to lose weight for months now and it hasn't happened [HA!] but as for the second question - yes i would wear those!!!!  color-blocking is huge right now, so just imagine these with a cobalt or mustard top!  but being so bright, they ARE the accessory.. keep jewelry and your handbag simple.  you don't want to walk around looking like you rolled around in your closet!

xo, Allison Marie

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

sperry nice!

it's going to be a short post today, but i've seen two girls in my classes with these sperry topsiders and i WANT!
i can just picture how adorable they would be with jeggings and a bright t-shirt!  plus the subtle hint of leopard is a great way to add personality to an otherwise awkward shoe [come on now, who would've ever thought that boat shoes could be this cute!?]

xo, Allison Marie

Monday, September 19, 2011

adore-a my fedora

for the first time ever the other day, i finally wore my fedora that i've had for about six months.  i guess i was kind of scared to wear it, because it's kind of a tricky look to pull off.  i got mine from gordman's [a store very similar to a tj maxx, but with a better selection!]
[i don't have a hat stand, so i had to improvise and use my lamp!]  i wore mine with a cobalt blue tunic, eggplant leggings, and a simple gold necklace.  i felt super chic, and it was a simple way to make my outfit "trendy," even though fedoras have been around since the 20's and 30's.. a perfect example of a classic accessory.  i will definitely be incorporating it into my future outfits!!

xo, Allison Marie

Sunday, September 18, 2011

"vest" in show

so i went shopping with a close friend today on michigan avenue and of course one of the stops on that trip was forever 21.  now i will be the first to say that they have some questionable items of clothing, whose quality is even more questionable.  but i found this vest, tried it on and i loved it except it was too small around my chest area [just another reason why you small chested girls should count your blessings!]  anyway, here is the vest --
i think it's adorable, and paired with any color long-sleeved knit, some leggings or jeans it'd be perfect for the cooler weather we're having.  add some cute boots, a slouchy bag and you're good to go!  i know it's not for everyone.. i honestly didn't even think i would like it before i tried it on.  but sometimes ya gotta just try things out for the hell of it!

xo, Allison Marie

Friday, September 16, 2011

pom-pom bomb

okay so this post really isn't about accessories, but i just couldn't ignore this.  this past week was fashion week in new york.  to most people, that means high-end, works of art that strut down the runway.  obviously to david and phillipe blond of "the blonds," it's an excuse to recreate a preschool art project -- 
pom poms?  a sequined leotard?  really?  if i knew it was this easy to be a part of fashion week, i would've saved all my old art project to use for inspiration!

xo, Allison Marie

Thursday, September 15, 2011

i'm a snaaaake

so i'm not sure if anyone else has noticed, but python is HUGE right now.  bags, shoes, and even pants are donning this dangerous pattern.
pair python pumps with skinny jeans and a simple top, or a bright version [like the one below.. so beautiful!] with a LBD and you're set to have all eyes on you.

i want this bag SO badly!!!  anything by michael kors is just amazing.  however it's not actually even out yet..  on it's not expected to ship until mid october.  perhaps early christmas gift? [=

xo, Allison Marie

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

fool's gold

i have never been a gold jewelry girl, up until recently that is.  back in august, i bought this adorable handmade necklace in a little boutique in saint louis' trendy west end --
it's made from recycled gold, so it wasn't that expensive AND it's good for the environment!  i adore the two little turquoise accent beads too.  of course the "a" is for allison.. who doesn't love a little personalization!? 
gold jewelry is perfect for fall and winter, and has a warmer touch than silver does.  it also goes great with any sort of pattern, like paisley, stripes and florals.

xo, Allison Marie

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

louboutin lovin'

so it is my ultimate dream in life [well, one of them!] to own a pair of christian louboutin shoes.  khloe kardashian owns 71 of them [..sigh..]  they are simply a piece of art, especially with that signature scarlet sole!  
nowadays, animal print is pretty much considered a neutral and it can dress up any type of outfit in an instant, as seen here a la khloe.

xo, Allison Marie

birds of a feather..

so i figured that my first post would be about something that is on the head's of almost every woman i know; feather hair extensions!  hilary duff was one of the first celebrities to try out this trend back in the spring, and good for her!  having feathers in your hair definitely has a bohemian feel, but also a fresh vibe compared to extensions, highlights, etc.  

you can barely tell she has any in, which is great for those who just want to try out this trend.  for the more adventurous, they come in any color of the rainbow!  i personally have bright red and black and white ones in right now.. i absolutely love them and have gotten many compliments [from guys and girls alike!]

xo, Allison Marie