Monday, September 19, 2011

adore-a my fedora

for the first time ever the other day, i finally wore my fedora that i've had for about six months.  i guess i was kind of scared to wear it, because it's kind of a tricky look to pull off.  i got mine from gordman's [a store very similar to a tj maxx, but with a better selection!]
[i don't have a hat stand, so i had to improvise and use my lamp!]  i wore mine with a cobalt blue tunic, eggplant leggings, and a simple gold necklace.  i felt super chic, and it was a simple way to make my outfit "trendy," even though fedoras have been around since the 20's and 30's.. a perfect example of a classic accessory.  i will definitely be incorporating it into my future outfits!!

xo, Allison Marie

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