Wednesday, September 28, 2011

shawl-y darling!

whenever i am sick, all i want to do is cuddle up with some starbucks and a shawl\snuggie\something that is soft and warm.  such as this gorgeous pink vintage shawl -- 
this is blair eadie, and her blog is [which i now follow!]
normally i would zone in on her handbag, which is coach's willis bag, but that's not the first thing my eyes went to when i saw this picture; it was her fabulous pink shawl!  it's vintage, and i think it just brightens up her whole look.  bright colors are so unexpected in the fall, but when paired with more understated clothing and accessories a la blair, it just works.  add a simple messenger bag to bring the whole look together.  i am now on a mission to find one similar to hers.. when i do, i will be sure to blog about it!

xo, Allison Marie

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