Sunday, September 18, 2011

"vest" in show

so i went shopping with a close friend today on michigan avenue and of course one of the stops on that trip was forever 21.  now i will be the first to say that they have some questionable items of clothing, whose quality is even more questionable.  but i found this vest, tried it on and i loved it except it was too small around my chest area [just another reason why you small chested girls should count your blessings!]  anyway, here is the vest --
i think it's adorable, and paired with any color long-sleeved knit, some leggings or jeans it'd be perfect for the cooler weather we're having.  add some cute boots, a slouchy bag and you're good to go!  i know it's not for everyone.. i honestly didn't even think i would like it before i tried it on.  but sometimes ya gotta just try things out for the hell of it!

xo, Allison Marie

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