Sunday, October 30, 2011

red hot.

as you all know, i'm obsessed with AKIRA, so naturally i follow them on facebook.  they just posted these fabulous shoes -- 

AKIRA luichiny shoe: $79.90

i think they definitely take a cue from the 50's, especially with the ankle strap and the peep toe.
i'm totally picturing these with dark-wash skinny jeans, a white-and-navy striped boat neck tee, and gold jewelry.

xo, Allison Marie

Friday, October 28, 2011

feathers.. still obsessed!

i am still obsessed with anything feathers!  i currently have 3 pairs of feather earrings-, feathers in my hair AND a clip in peacock feather.. obsession?  maybe..

butttt here are the ones i own --

i was on etsy earlier today and found more feathers i want to add to my collection --

extra long tribal orange and blue feather by ginagrantsjewelry on etsy: $38.00

this pair reminds me of a parrot!  so pretty!

skye blossom peacock feather earrings by featherpixie on etsy: $32.00

this pair just might be my favorite.. yes to some of you they may be obnoxious, but how awesome would they look with your hair down, a solid top and jeans?  or a simple dress!?

i think that this trend will be around for awhile.  they're an easy and inexpensive way to add character to an outfit and there are endless possibilities of color combinations, lengths, and types.  plus every time i've worn my feather earrings i've gotten tons of compliments which is always a great mood-booster!

xo, Allison Marie

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

swarovski + louboutin = perfection!

happy tuesday!

these shoes are by christian louboutin and i honestly have no words for them other than OH MY GOD.  while trying to find a good picture, i found a video on youtube which i think is better than a still..

apparently these are "knock-offs" and that the rhinestones were glued on by the person that took this video, but who cares?  you understand the point i am trying to make -- that these shoes are un-fricken-believable!  however, they cost an unbelievable amount -- over $4,000.

xo, Allison Marie

Sunday, October 23, 2011

[faux]fur real.

everyone, i apologize that it's taken me so long to put up a new post!  i have no excuse other than i was lazy.

while i was shopping in st. louis this weekend, i noticed that there was a lot of faux fur being used to perk up outfits, like wraps, detailing on collars and boots, and mittens.  seeing all that got me thinking about an armani exchange clutch i saw in september's issue of instyle -- 
faux fur clutch: $88.00

the fur detailing is so bold, especially on a handbag.  it's neutral too, so you could use it for a night out or for your essentials during the day.

i also found one on forever 21's website --
faux fur trimmed handbag: $34.80

this one is obviously much larger, perfect for school.  i think the tan, chocolate and the gray combination is an ideal palate for fall!

xo, Allison Marie

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

you & me could be a bad romance.

the song "bad romance" by the one and only lady gaga came on while i was driving today and i immediately thought of the music video.  i still think it's her best video to date, featuring some of the most beautiful pieces of fashion i have ever seen.  like these shoes by the late alexander mcqueen for example --
although completely and utterly impractical, who the hell cares!?  they're just breathtaking.

i recommend if you haven't seen the video in awhile, or at all, that you should take the 5 minutes and 8 seconds to watch it --

xo, Allison Marie

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

watch-ing out for michael kors.

happy tuesday!  

even though no one seriously uses watches anymore [come on, we all use our iphones to tell the time!], i still want one of michael kors watches --
it's just.. amazing!  the swarovski crystals around the mother-of-pearl face only add to it's beauty.  and it's not too terribly expensive - $225.  i think that's more attainable than a lot of my past tuesday posts [=

xo, Allison Marie

Monday, October 17, 2011

pamela LOVE.

so as we all know, statement jewelry is huge and i think it is here to stay.  but how is THIS for a statement necklace!?

i am so obsessed with this necklace by pamela love!  i love the crystal and all of the gorgeous colors,  and there is no doubt that this would go with any outfit, casual or dressy.  the antique copper finish is also a nice change from gold or silver.  
however [and unfortunately,] it IS expensive, costing $760 on

xo, Allison Marie

Friday, October 14, 2011

pink poncho = found!

so a few posts ago, i posted a picture of blair eadie [check out her blog, so inspirational!! -] and her fabulous hot pink shawl --
i fell in love with it and knew i HAD to find something similar.  lucky for me, forever 21 had what i was looking for [and on sale to boot!] -- 
i cannot WAIT to wear this poncho!  i think most people would be afraid to wear this bright of a color in the fall, which you shouldn't be!  it's refreshing and unexpected which is always a plus in the fashion world!

when i finally wear this i will put up pictures so you all can see how i put the outfit together!

xo, Allison Marie

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

my new baby, tory burch!

okay okay, so i know in my previous post i said i wasn't a fan of knockoffs.. that doesn't mean i don't buy them!  on our campus today there was a vendor selling knockoff handbags, ugg boots, northfaces, and perfume.  and of course i couldn't resist buying a purse..
i don't know what you all think, but i think that's a pretty damn good knockoff!  it looks more tan in this picture, but in person it's definitely a mustard color, which is so big for fall.  it's brighter than black but still goes with everything!

xo, Allison Marie

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

workin' for a birkin.

happy tuesday!  

hermes birkin bag.. pretty much every powerful celebrity has one.  victoria beckham in particular has a whole rainbow of them [lucky girl], which is amazing considering they from anywhere between $9,000 to $150,000.  i have a knockoff one, but there's really nothing like the real thing..
some people say that knockoff handbags work just as well; i'd have to disagree.  a real birkin costs thousands of dollars for a REASON-- it's perfectly crafted, taking 48 hours to finish one bag, and it's made with some of the most luxurious hides available, such as leather, python and alligator skin.

xo, Allison Marie

Saturday, October 8, 2011

lots of luving.

i first saw erin wasson's low luv body chain on carrie bradshaw in sex and the city 2.  i was like, hm that's interesting and completely pointless, but so damn unexpected at the same time.  i couldn't find it on carrie, but here is another picture of it -- 
how undeniably sexy would this be under a sheer t-shirt or tank?  or it would totally spice up a maxi dress or LBD.  of course, it doesn't come cheap.. around $250.  i'm trying to find something similar that will fit my budget, but no luck yet.  i'm not gonna give up!

xo, Allison Marie

seeing spots!

i felt the strong urge to post at 2 in the morning so here i am!  i saw this bag in the september allure and just fell in love..
it's by marc jacobs, and it'll run ya $995 [WHY do i have such expensive taste!?]  the red and the black combo is just so new and unexpected.  usually i think polka dots are kind of juvenile but not on this bag!  and i absolutely love the chain detail on the handle.

xo, Allison Marie

Thursday, October 6, 2011

ringing in my ears.

i am SO into statement rings!  i think they're so fun and make a boring outfit interesting.. after all, one of the first things people notice about a person are their hands!   this fall, i'm going to wear stones and geometric shapes to add some spice to say, a chunky sweater and jeans or a LBD.  

the three below that i picked out are from forever 21 and are under $10 --
faux stone stretchy ring: $6.80
pressed rhinestone leaf ring: $4.80
faceted bead ring: $5.80

these next two are from AKIRA [if you couldn't tell, i'm a huge fan of their stuff!] --
low luv x erin wasson double bone ring: $80.00

avalon ring: $14.90   

you can never have too many rings, or jewelry in general! 

xo, Allison Marie

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

cross my heart..

today, in OCTOBER, it decided to be 80 degrees.  and i decided for the second half of my day i'd wear a 3\4 knit top and my new scarf.. probably not the best idea, but i just couldn't wait any longer to wear it!
normally i wouldn't wear a necklace under a scarf, but this shirt is so plain it needs a little extra.  it's long enough where it doesn't take away from the motif of the scarf, but also simple enough so i don't look like i'm drowning in accessories.  and for my bottoms, i just have simple white shorts on.

top - forever21, scarf - forever21, cross necklace - forever21, shorts - hollister

xo, Allison Marie

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

chanel 2.55

it's tuesday everyone, so you know what that means!  
[blog about something i'll-never-be-able-to-afford day!]

i really don't think there's anything as classic and beautiful as a chanel handbag.  this one, the 2.55 quilted handbag, is my absolute favorite!  you can see it on the arms of lauren conrad, paris hilton, and any one of the kardashians to name a few.
i absolutely love it in this nude color; it'd go with everything, any time of the year.  the straps are also adjustable so it can be worn longer or closer to the shoulder.  i am hoping that one day i will be able to carry this..

xo, Allison Marie

Sunday, October 2, 2011

chic stripes.

i finally used my new clutch today for my internship meeting, so i thought i'd share my outfit!
infinity scarf - express, top - nordstroms, jeans - gordman's, shoes - TOMS, clutch - AKIRA chicago.