Friday, October 28, 2011

feathers.. still obsessed!

i am still obsessed with anything feathers!  i currently have 3 pairs of feather earrings-, feathers in my hair AND a clip in peacock feather.. obsession?  maybe..

butttt here are the ones i own --

i was on etsy earlier today and found more feathers i want to add to my collection --

extra long tribal orange and blue feather by ginagrantsjewelry on etsy: $38.00

this pair reminds me of a parrot!  so pretty!

skye blossom peacock feather earrings by featherpixie on etsy: $32.00

this pair just might be my favorite.. yes to some of you they may be obnoxious, but how awesome would they look with your hair down, a solid top and jeans?  or a simple dress!?

i think that this trend will be around for awhile.  they're an easy and inexpensive way to add character to an outfit and there are endless possibilities of color combinations, lengths, and types.  plus every time i've worn my feather earrings i've gotten tons of compliments which is always a great mood-booster!

xo, Allison Marie

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